Custom Blending Solutions

I often get asked what the value of offering custom blending is and I like to answer it in a couple different ways. First, lets start with this scenario: you’re making a scrumptious vegetable soup. Imagine that your vegetable soup calls for you to measure out 10 different spices and herbs to add to the other fresh or canned ingredients. As perceived, this does take a good amount of time to do, not to mention purchasing all of the individual spices/herbs in order to do so.

Custom blending allows manufacturers to have their perfect Vegetable Soup Seasoning every time they want to make a batch of soup. Not only does custom blending offer the chef or manufacturer the ability to create their own signature blend for their brand, it can also be batched out according to their manufacturing needs.

Secondly, by purchasing ‘pre-mixes’, manufacturers reduce the risk that an ingredient was mismeasured or the wrong product was put in the soup. Having a third party custom blend each batch not only helps keep inventory of individual items at a minimum, but also guarantees that the product is exactly as they expect it every time an order is placed.

Consumers have the expectation that brands and manufacturers produce the exact same product every time they go to a grocery store or food service establishment. If there is a shift in product integrity, there is a risk that your loyal customer will move onto a new product.

Custom blending is a simple solution to ensure that all manufactured products retain the same color, taste and functionability. It’s essential as food manufacturers maintain their integrity while keeping costs & inventory down, while ensuring their products are safe to consume and delicious!